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Which Drum is Best for Me?

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Therapeutic Drumming and How it Helps Dementia

Drumming and rhtyhm may offer comfort to those with Dementia. In this article we explore how this is possible.

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In 2015, Steve Benedetto was working as a server in the dining section of a nearby retirement home. After waiting tables for several months, his supervisor (who knew he was a drummer) asked him if he would be willing to teach a drumming class for the residents. He assumed the residents would have no interest at all in seeing him perform, but he agreed nonetheless. After an initial sign up of 10 residents, he was shocked to see an enthusiastic crowd of more than 50 seniors show up to the class. His performance turned out to be such a positive experience for all that Steve was asked if he would create a regular workshop schedule for the residents.
He followed through with great success and was soon holding workshops on a regular basis. After expanding the content, he started offering his workshops to other retirement communities. Steve then formed Respectful Beats™ to combine his love of performing drums with serving seniors, The results have proven to be been incredibly empoweringl. Respectful Beats™ has since gone from Memory Café Keynotes and various outdoor drum circles to workshops for the most challenged of dementia sufferers. As has been keenly observed over time, the power of rhythm transcends one’s self. Respectful Beats™ is now a leading online resource for older adults who love to drum!
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Rhythmic Health Programs for Senior Citizens, Memory Cafes and Luxury Retirement Homes

“Steve is amazing, my residents absolutely love him! I am the director of the Memory support program and each and every one of my residents move to the beat of the music, this is our favorite program! Thanks Steve!”


“Our residents truly enjoy this workshop and they love Steve! They’re always looking forward to this class offering!”


“Empowering! Steve combines his talent along with his warmth & caring personality that makes this an unforgettable, magical experience to enjoy over and over again.”


“Respectful Beats has been inspiring  our residents and families for many months now through his interactive drumming program.  Steve delivers both comfort and a sense of well-being  with a gentle approach that nurtures and invigorates the soul."

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