Creative Drumming Workshops with Older Adults

We provide an inspirational facilitated drumming program for seniors at all functioning levels. Recent studies strongly indicate that participation in activities such as  drumming diminish the effects of senile dementia, and may even prevent the onset of such disorders.

 SInce there are many benefits to creating music in a group, it is widely accepted by teachers, youth workers, music therapists, and health practitioners as being an effective way to encourage life skills and develop confidence and self-esteem. Especially among older adults. The physical exercise of playing the drum is extremely beneficial, especially for helping with coordination and concentration.  

Participants report improvement in general coordination, walking, speaking, sleeping, and thought processing and experience a boost in self-esteem and overall confidence.  We use a variety of different instruments, including hand drums which are easy to play and other percussion instruments. Give us a call to discuss your communities needs.


“It has been amazing for me to witness the personal transformation, expansion of consciousness, and community building that occurs when Steve sets the rhythm Friday’s at Drumming! After about 10 minutes you can see the joy in resident’s eyes as they start to “get it” and are playing a drum rhythm, making music (some for the first time)-it’s really exciting! Research has recently showed a wide range of therapeutic benefits from healing, self-expression, reducing stress, physical healing, immune boosting to reintegration of self. This is a powerful tool for our residents to connect with their own spirit and with the group and Steve orchestrates each connection and doesn’t miss a beat! The residents have said they feel the effects as the beat goes on long after the session is over. Empowering!!”


Steve is amazing, my residents absolutely love him! I am the director of the Memory support program and each and every one of my residents move to the beat of the music, this is our favorite program! Thanks Steve!

Jazz Ross
(Director of Community Programs)

"I book Steve every year at Notre Dame du Lac Assisted Living in Worcester, MA on "Hug a Drummer Day"!  Yup there is such a day : )It's not only a fun afternoon of great music and drumming but it's a chance for us to build up our brains with the musical challenges he presents to us.  I highly recommend him for an elder facility!

Ellen Micol
(Director of Activities)

Steve Benedetto and Respectful Beats is a wonderful resource for any group looking for a fun and interactive team-building experience.  He recently helped kick-off the Brandeis University Innovation Bootcamp and we couldn't think of a better way to bring the diverse crowd of students, staff and faculty together.  His workshop set the tone for communication and collaboration for the entire day of events.  I recommend Respectful Beats for all settings...educational, corporate, and for any group wishing to develop a sense of unity through the universal language of music and rhythm.

Rebecca Menapace
(Associate Provost for Innovation, Brandeis University)

Rhythm Workshops for Businesses and Corporations

Why Drumming?
Looking for the perfect ice breaker for a big meeting? Want a unique corporate Team Building activity that will prove memorable? Trying to source an exhilarating corporate event that will inspire and boost team vitality? Drumming workshops provide all of that and more –especially when you choose Respectful Beats™.

Corporate Drumming Services

Workplace & Team Building
  • Team unification
  • De-stress breaks
  • Product launches
  • Planning meetings
  • Celebrations
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Education & Event Services
  • Staff team building
  • Planning meetings
  • Training days
  • College student groups
  • Leadership development
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  • Interactive keynotes
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Rhythmic Health Programs for Senior Citizens, Memory Cafes and Luxury Retirement Homes

“Steve is amazing, my residents absolutely love him! I am the director of the Memory support program and each and every one of my residents move to the beat of the music, this is our favorite program! Thanks Steve!”


“Our residents truly enjoy this workshop and they love Steve! They’re always looking forward to this class offering!”


“Empowering! Steve combines his talent along with his warmth & caring personality that makes this an unforgettable, magical experience to enjoy over and over again.”


“Respectful Beats has been inspiring  our residents and families for many months now through his interactive drumming program.  Steve delivers both comfort and a sense of well-being  with a gentle approach that nurtures and invigorates the soul."

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